Animals and Their Humans

People who live with their animals know that a pet is not just an owned animal but also a member of the family. They have their own character, personality, habits and preferences. So if you have been contemplating about professional cat, dog, puppy, rabbit, fish or horse portrait, you came to the right photographer!

Because we love animals, we create unique animal portraits – with and without their humans. And in nation of animal lovers the value of professional high quality photographs is increasing rapidly. As in portraits of people, we aim to express not simply an appearance but also the personality. All that is needed is a little patience, respect and connection. We plan every session individually. Every photograph is as unique as its subject. To maintain low prices we offer this type of photo-session exclusively at your home or nearby location. This allows us to provide exceptional value for money for fantastic top quality photographs. If you live outside York a minimal travel fees may occur. But we are confident that the final products we offer are unbeatable by many other pet and animal photographers. Compare prices with other photographers, check out the quality of their work… and then contact us and book a great photo session costing less than you might expect.

We’ll be delighted to get you a great deal, as a happy customer is worth more to me than money!

So what pet can you photograph? For example… Puppy photography, dog photography, kitten photography, cat portraits, gold fish photography, bird photography, snake photography, lizard portraits.

Is there another animal you want to have photographed? Bring ’em on!

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