Engagement photography

This special portrait photo session is the ideal opportunity for couples to get to know me as their wedding photographer and is the perfect ice-breaker and a great fun too!

The pre wedding engagement photo session is especially helpful if you are not keen on having your pictures taken. It helps greatly to give you the confidence and helps you relax before your wedding photographs are taken and allow you this vital affinity essential to achieve the natural looking wedding photographs you want.

The pre wedding photo shoots will allow you to see how we will work together on your wedding day, before the actual wedding day photographs are taken.

Of course this also gives me the opportunity to show you some great photography of yourselves still as a couple, which you will love! Giving you even more confidence for the wedding day ahead!

By the end of a pre wedding session, we'll have a number of images that will become very special to you as a mark of your engagement period, showing this bond between you, this sparkle in the eye, this special little thing called LOVE!

If you would like I can produce personalised invitations and / or thank you cards using photos from your pre wedding engagement photography session.

Engagement how to? - FAQ

Engagement photo shoot is generally scheduled as a weekday session. This pre-wedding photo shoot is an informal and fun photo shoot at the location of your choice (depending on your location, some travelling fees may apply). You will soon see how you can enjoy your photography, and have the chance to experiment with your poses to find out exactly what works best for you.

When your photography shoot is already scheduled, but on that day the weather does not cooperate we can end up rescheduling for more suitable day. There is no problem to that, at no extra cost. Unless the rainy weather doesn't bother you we can still go out shooting!

The most common question is:

Q: What should we wear for our engagement photography?

A: I recommend wearing solid, bold colors casual, versatile clothing. Patterns do not photograph very well. Please remember that you want to look at your engagement photos after 10, 15 years and still love them, so choose something that will stand the test of time, rather than something super trendy.

A skirt might not be ideal as you may need to lie down in a pile of leaves or walk in the sand to find the perfect pose, and please tell your partner that jeans and old sneakers with a wrinkled t-shirt is not going to cut the edge.

Don't wear a fussy hair style that you need a mirror to fix if it comes loose and bring only a minimal load of bags with you, as you will have to drag them around all afternoon.

If you would like to have pictures taken with your pet, please bring a friend with you to watch the pet when you are finished the animal shots, so you can continue your shoot in peace.

Choose a location that is special to you and your fiance. A beautiful location with many colours would be perfect!

And at last bring photos of other engagement shoots or your self in specific poses to show me ideas of what types of photos you'd like to have taken. Although I will have a vision and can guide you through this shoot I'm not a mind reader so please tell me if you want a specific poses to capture.