Portrait Photography

"I truly love what I do..."
Unlike many other photographers who works from their studios with heavy backdrops and their posed portrait photography styles, I use a location of your choice eg. your home, park, beach or any other favourite spot. This allow me to keep the very competitive prices, unbeatable by many photographers in York, Leeds, Harrogate and Yorkshire area.

Let's make something great together

If you just don't like the washed-out, white-background, high-key portrait look then you're in the right place! My intention with portrait photography or portraiture is to capture of the likeness of a person or a group of people in front of the camera, in which the face and expression is predominant. Don't wait, book your portrait photography today!

Portrait & lifestyle photography is what we do!

Family & Friends Portraits

Forget the ideas of old fashioned, heavily posed family portraits and let us express the spirit of your family in a range of fresh, unique photographs. Our photo sessions are informal, fun, relaxed and spontaneous. There are no pre-determined poses and no pre-conceived ideas. No one person and no one family is like another. We take our cues from who you are and how you relate to each other. And if you want to put on a group performance or wear wings, that's fine too! Your home, no matter how small or big, is the ideal spot for it. Anything goes - pillow fights, garden mud baths and pets too!

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Kids photography on location

I don't believe that simply pointing a camera in a child's face is going to get the photos that you want. The best images are produced when the children are relaxed, comfortable and happy. Over posed and staged smiles usually end up with gritted teeth and squinty eyes. I take time to play with your child, encourage them to bring their favourite toy in the session and just be them self. Fine art toddler portraiture is an investment that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Relax And Let Kids Be Kids!

Photographs have the unique ability to shape and even transform the perceptions we have about ourselves and our loved ones. Whether it is a child's fascination with an everyday object or the sheer wonder of playing with friends, countless moments wait to be captured. The idea behind location portraiture is simple: a child's true personality and individuality shines at its brightest when they are allowed to be themselves in a familiar environment. Unobtrusive observation allows the documentation of spontaneous smiles and laughter, as well as the unique and truly magical expressions a child makes as they explore the world around them. Typically lasting for about two hours, sessions can take place at any number of locations: a favorite park, the beach or even your own backyard. Parents are encouraged to sit back, relax and let their kids be kids!

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Maternity photography

We specialize in creating the most beautiful and artistic maternity photography and pregnancy portraits. Studio lighting is set up in the comfort and privacy of your home. It enables me to control the shadows and highlights within maternity photographs to create visually stunning silhouettes of unmatched tonal range and beauty, elevating the unique lines of each pregnant woman's body into an intimately timeless work of photographic art.

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Newborn photography

Newborn baby photography sessions with us are designed around two things... Convenience and beautiful photographs. Bringing a newborn baby home is one of the most exciting, surreal & let's face it...tiring things you'll ever experience. Between well wishing family members, round the clock feedings and a complete lack of sound sleep, the last thing most parents have the energy for is bringing their baby out for professional photographs. By bringing professional studio lighting into the comfort or your home, we make capturing this amazing time in your baby's life easy and fun. The relaxed sessions usually last about two hours. During the shot, the parents primary "job" is simple... Love your baby and leave the rest to us!

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Social network photography

Internet profiles photography for company website, online dating, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other networking sites and portfolios. For when you need to look your best on the Internet, we offer a special photo session at very affordable rates, designed to provide a selection of photographs for personal and professional use. Our Internet profiles are used for online dating sites, online CVs, social and professional networking sites, freelancers' websites and actor headshots. The photo session lasts up to one hour and is available at various locations: your office, outdoor or in our studio. You receive electronic contact sheets (proofs). Your finished images are photo-edited and optimised for your intended Internet use.

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Boudoir photography

As a boudoir photographers, we try to introduce this idea of intimate pictures to our female clients. We offer several styles of boudoir photography, including pinup, old hollywood glamour, or traditional boudoir session, and would be happy to help you plan your wardrobe around your favorite style.

During a boudoir session, your time will go beyond a normal photography experience in order to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. We will offer suggestions for posing that will accentuate your best features and hide the features you may be not fully comfortable with. To bring out the best of you in these photos, we have a professional graphic designer that will enhance your photos to ensure an even skin tone free of wrinkles or anything else you may want to remain hidden.

Whether you are creating some boudoir photography as an anniversary or birthday gift, a surprise for a soldier boyfriend overseas, or just to celebrate the results of a strenuous month at the gym, weight loss or maternity body change we would love to make you feel beautiful during this day of pampering your boudoir style.

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Glamour photography

This session is tailored to portray a model in a romantic or sexually alluring way. Although the glamour photography is normally tailored to professional or semi-professional glamour models and those wanting to enter glamour modelling as a career, and who may need some photographs to start off their glamour model portfolio. We also photograph amateur models, where the photographs are intended only for private and personal use.

The difference between this photo shoot and boudoir is that it's not as intimate as boudoir and the photographs are usually intended for commercial use like calendars, pinup posters and men's magazines. These pictures will expose more nudity of a model and poses are usually more sassy too.

We usually work with glamour models in the studio but your photo session can be arranged in a location of your choice, e.g. your home, luxury hotel suite or other favourite spot, indoors or out. We'd be happy to travel for your session if you prefer to have it in a hotel or your home. We have a studio available upon request for glamour photography.

We offer several styles of glamour photography, including pinup, old hollywood glamour, or more traditional boudoir session, and would be happy to give you some useful tips how to plan your wardrobe around your favorite style. We have worked hard and invested heavily in the best equipment so you can be sure that we'll achieve the best possible quality photos!

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Pet photography - animals & their humans

People who live with their animals know that a pet is not just an owned animal but also a member of the family. They have their own character, personality, habits and preferences. So if you have been contemplating about professional cat, dog, puppy, rabbit, fish or horse portrait, you came to the right photographer!

Because we love animals, we create unique animal portraits - with and without their humans. And in nation of animal lovers the value of professional high quality photographs is increasing rapidly. As in portraits of people, we aim to express not simply an appearance but also the personality. All that is needed is a little patience, respect and connection. We plan every session individually. Every photograph is as unique as its subject. To maintain low prices we offer this type of photo-session exclusively at your home or nearby location. This allows us to provide exceptional value for money for fantastic top quality photographs. If you live outside York a minimal travel fees may occur. But we are confident that the final products we offer are unbeatable by many other pet and animal photographers. Compare prices with other photographers, check out the quality of their work... and then contact us and book a great photo session costing less than you might expect.

We'll be delighted to get you a great deal, as a happy customer is worth more to me than money!

So what pet can you photograph? For example... Puppy photography, dog photography, kitten photography, cat portraits, gold fish photography, bird photography, snake photography, lizard portraits.

Is there another animal you want to have photographed? Bring 'em on!

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