Kids Outdoor Photography

I don’t believe that simply pointing a camera in a child’s face is going to get the photos that you want. The best images are produced when the children are relaxed, comfortable and happy. Over posed and staged smiles usually end up with gritted teeth and squinty eyes. I take time to play with your child, encourage them to bring their favourite toy in the session and just be them self. Fine art toddler portraiture is an investment that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Relax And Let Kids Be Kids!

Photographs have the unique ability to shape and even transform the perceptions we have about ourselves and our loved ones. Whether it is a child’s fascination with an everyday object or the sheer wonder of playing with friends, countless moments wait to be captured. The idea behind location portraiture is simple: a child’s true personality and individuality shines at its brightest when they are allowed to be themselves in a familiar environment. Unobtrusive observation allows the documentation of spontaneous smiles and laughter, as well as the unique and truly magical expressions a child makes as they explore the world around them. Typically lasting for about two hours, sessions can take place at any number of locations: a favorite park, the beach or even your own backyard. Parents are encouraged to sit back, relax and let their kids be kids!

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