Wedding Inspiration – wedding rings for all those forgetful.

This is one of the best inventions to make you remember! If you happened to forget about important dates, anniversaries, birthdays but your other half doesn’t really accept fact you forget it’s worth to invest in a gadget what won’t let you forget about wedding anniversary.

wedding rings invented a special wedding ring. The ring uses a Hot Spot technology and thanks to built in microprocessor watch it warms up to almost 49 degrees centigrade for 10 seconds twenty four hours before anniversary date.

Frankly saying it won’t let you forget that tomorrow is a day which requires your special attention.

Ring has a lifetime warranty and is shock, water and other factors resistant. It has several different sizes and can be made from white or yellow gold and is programmed by producer.

It is priced circa $760/£500 and you can find more info at producer’s website.