Unusual wedding themes to make your wedding unforgettable.

For a couple who have just said “I do”, and who have declared their undoubted love for each other, the next stage of the marriage process is the actual planning of the wedding. Undoubtedly this can be an extremely stressful experience, but there is no reason why it should be. Couples will always have their own ideas, sometimes different from one another as to what their special day will be like. This might cause friction, but together, with a clear idea of what they want their wedding to be like, it can be possible to not only organise a day which impresses your friends and family, but that also lives long in the memory of everyone in attendance, even the priest!

These days there are plenty of different types of wedding, and by looking on the internet you can gather plenty of inspiration. There’s your traditional wedding themes but there are lots of unusual wedding themes knocking about which are not only different but they are truly unforgettable. Granted, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to a wedding, especially if you don’t have the expert assistance of a wedding planner. You need to think about the dresses, the suits, the clothes, the venue, the music, the food and drink as well as who you want to invite, and of course what gifts you would like to receive from your guests!

So then, what themes might you want to look at, from the wacky to the classy or even the outrageous. Here are some unusual wedding themes to make your wedding completely unforgettable!

Movie theme

A movie theme can literally be anything you want it to be, and if you opt for this type of wedding, the opportunities to go a bit wild are endless. It depends on what movies you’re into, or infact what the fashions were like during the times. A movie theme could mean Disney or James Bond, you could be madly into the Wizard of Oz or it might be the case that you’re into Shrek.

Twilight is a huge movie franchise, and there’s evidence on the internet that couples have chosen a Twilight theme for their wedding. This meant dressing up as the characters Edward and Bella whilst the guests were asked to do something similar. In addition, the magic of the day was rounded off by the interior decoration of the location for the evening disco, with the whole day very much like the movie series, well, as much as the planning and designing of the day would allow.

For those geeky amongst us, a futuristic Star Wars or Star Trek theme might be more down your street. It’s entirely up to you, just choose a movie theme which suits your own interests and personalities.

Carnival theme

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests, try a carnival theme. If you’ve ever been down to the fair, maybe as a child or an adult, you’ll be aware of just how exciting it can be, with all the fun and games and the flashing lights. By incorporating things like candy floss stalls, coconut shies, donkey rides or even by hiring a helter skelter, there will be something for everyone. We all know the kids can get restless after a long day out at a wedding. From the ceremony in the morning to all the things happening afterwards, activities can mean everyone is involved, and your friends and family can get competitive over many of the things that you’ve organised.

The theme extends to the decor, you might even want to hire a big-top tent to host the day in, or you could adapt a room from the inside by draping decorations from the ceiling and including things like packs of cards on the table – even think about hiring a magician, there’s no better way to get everybody mixing with one another, and the children will love their balloon animals!

Tropical theme

A tropical theme is the way to go if you’re honeymoon is somewhere tropical like Hawaii, or the engagement was confirmed on the beach in somewhere like Goa or The Seychelles. Going tropical means you can literally go as wild as you want, from hula skirts to importing sand in for the wedding reception or getting the services of a traditional drumming band to add some rhythm to the day.

Think palm trees and flowery shirts, there is nothing more relaxed than a day at the beach and this feeling can be imported for your wedding day. You might not want the actual service in this theme, but a quick change into something more comfortable before you wish your guests “Aloha” when they get to the reception.

Retro theme

A retro theme means you can adopt all the styles from yesteryear, maybe even a gangster theme akin to Boardwalk Empire. You might want to go all hippy and relive the 1970’s or your plan might involve something from the 1960’s, adopting a retro-mod look, with Beatles style mop tops and the music to match.

A retro theme really means you could run with anything, even a 1990’s theme such as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Saved by the Bell. It depends on what you’re into, you might even want to go with a Flintstones caveman theme, this might work if going to one of their movies was your first date.


The final theme is the most popular as it simply means that you aren’t messing about with costumes and trying too hard to stand out. This doesn’t mean that its any less impressive. A traditional theme can mean class, and going for all white dresses, chandeliers, crystal glasses and maybe a horse and cart to take you from the service to the reception can be extremely effective.

When planning a wedding, it’s important not to get too stressed about, the planning should be exciting, especially with all the different options which are now available. There are many more themes you could explore, we just didn’t have the time to cover them all in this blog!

Written by Jennifer Smith on behalf of Ivy Ellen, the premium wedding invitation specialists.