Unplugged wedding – New trend – Weddings without mobiles, ipads, cameras and camcorders.

Grandma wants to show photos to the neighbour, auntie to her friend and siblings to their work colleagues and co-workers.

Where does it lead?


Every guest reaches to their pockets, purses or handbags for mobile phone, iPad or compact camera and takes a picture without second thought, not noticing or simply ignoring the fact that bride and groom had hired a professional photographer to capture ceremony, reception and everything in between.

More and more wedding couples say to it inviting relatives and close friends to unplugged wedding.

This means a wedding free from mobile phones, cameras, camcorders and other portable electronic devices.

Unplugged wedding, unlike a lot of trends is not just a whim, it’s by all means a voice of common sense. Unplugged in this instance means literally disconnected.

Everyone benefits from it: the young couple who is not dazzled by dozens of flashes. Their hired professional photographer, who can use all attention to capture all the fun and excitement of the wedding day for bride and groom. Photographing not trying to avoid interrupting Uncle Joe with camera in the middle of shot and also all your guests who can focus on what should – the ceremony, this beautiful moment that is happening just in front of their eyes.

Newlyweds ask to switch off cell phones and hang up iPads and other equipment for a reason: for the guests to enjoy, embrace, participate and share this special day not just observe it through the viewfinder.

With switched off and put away recording equipment is much easier to notice the real people – you! The people close to their heart embracing the big moment of their lives and not just another subject to photograph and post to social networks.

As all the trends this has some down sides too. Professional photographer can’t possibly capture everything happening, is unable to be everywhere at once.

Guest who loves to take photos themselves may feel offended. There is a solution – you can ask your guests not to take photos during ceremony but let them capture wedding reception etc.

Hope this will help you to plan your big day ahead.