The reason why bridesmaids traditionally wear the same dress.

28th March 2017 Wedding, Wedding trend 0 Comments

Originating centuries ago with the Romans, this is actually a bit creepy…

Have you ever wondered why tradition dictates your bridesmaids should all wear the same dress?

Mental Floss has uncovered the reason – and it’s actually quite sinister.

Stretching back centuries to the Ancient Roman era, the tradition began in order to keep the bride-to-be safe, and protect her from evil.

No, really!

Back then, bridesmaids not only had to match each other when it came to the colours and styles of their wedding frocks – they also had to wear the same as the blushing bride herself.

The reason? The highly superstitious Ancient Romans believed weddings were prone to being gate-crashed by evil spirits and robbers, and by dressing in the same outfit as her maids, the bride had a greater chance of staying safe.

Clearly our fears about evil spirits and the like have dipped over the years, with bridesmaids no longer matching the bride and, increasingly, no longer matching each other either.