How To Make Wedding And Reception Flower Choices You Won’t Regret

Preparing for a wedding is a job that’s only as tough as you make it. Picking out the perfect flowers might seem like a daunting task but just keep in mind that you are allowed to rely on expert advice. With the assistance of a good florist and a little common sense, you won’t have any trouble picking out beautiful, memorable arrangements to decorate your ceremony and reception.

Find A Trustworthy Florist And Then Trust Them!

Unless you’ve been intimately involved in picking out flowers your whole life, the odds are excellent that a professional florist is going to have a more experienced and talented eye for floral selections than you do. You want to have a florist like that on your side and you want to trust the advice he or she provides. Be especially open when it comes to substitutions. Most of the time your florist is trying to save you money by offering up alternative choices.

Start your hunt for a florist as early as possible. Go into the selection process with a firm idea of your budget and give potential florists clear directions about the look you are aiming for. You may be surprised by the diversity of the proposals you get back! You will have plenty of time to fine-tune your plans in the months leading up to your wedding.

Don’t Get Too Detail-Oriented

Flowers are one of the parts of the planning process that many people get hung up on. Brides and planners can get obsessed with the details of single arrangements or even single blooms. Resist this temptation and keep an eye on the big picture when you are choosing your flowers. You want arrangements that will fit well with your other decorative choices at both the ceremony and the reception. If you are using small tables that favor intimate conversation across the center, for example, don’t weigh them down with massive centerpieces that hide tablemates from each other.

Unless you are using completely different decorative palettes for the ceremony and the reception, you should strongly consider re-using arrangements at both events. Ceremonies rarely last an hour, and the floral arrangements used for them are more than capable of serving double duty at the reception. You’d be surprised at the number of brides who waste money by missing this opportunity.

Pick Complementary Colors And Styles, Not Matching Ones

Your floral choices need to blend harmoniously with the other decorative features of your wedding. It may be a mistake to assume that everything needs to come off of one narrow slice of the color palette. The color of the flowers you select is a perfect opportunity to add an accent color to your decorations. Pick colors that stand out without clashing.

When it comes to choosing breeds and strains, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Adding greater variety to your arrangements is a great way to add visual interest to both the ceremony and the reception and your florist can guide you towards great combinations that stand out without looking like a mess.

Making smart choices when it comes to your wedding flowers isn’t as tough as you might think. Develop a firm idea of the look you want to see, find a florist you can rely on and stay flexible about the possibility of alterations. You should end up with an array of memorable floral choices that you will be proud of on your big day!

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