Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographer is absolutely one of the most crucial decisions that you will make for this celebrated day. These photos will capture moments to be cherished for a lifetime. They will serve as reminders for even the tiniest of details.

In choosing a photographer, there are certain steps that every couple should take. These are some of the main ideas that you should consider before you decide.

What is your style? What type of vision do you want for your photographs? Do you prefer flashy glam celebrity type photos? Do you like more traditional photos that capture that classic look? Are you a fan of candid black and white images? This is the first thing you need to decide. If you don’t know what you want, then research photos of other weddings. These can provide inspiration to get you started.

Research is required. Does your wedding planner recommend a specific photographer? Recommendations are always a great thing. Have any of your friends married recently? They might have ideas on great photographers, also. No recommendations? Then, begin looking for local listings for wedding photographers. The internet will come in handy for this search. After you find the listings, check out their websites. They should have portfolios available for you to review. Do their photographs represent the style you want to convey at your wedding? Do they have customer testimonials? Read these reviews. Do they update their website frequently? Do they have a blog? Are they on Facebook and Twitter? These social media sources can provide important feedback.

Arrange a meeting. Select a few of your favorite photographers on the list. When you meet with each photographer, ask to see their wedding albums or additional portfolios that are not on the website. Speak with the photographer about the details of your wedding—the date, the venue, your style, and what your vision is for the photographs. If you enjoyed a particular collection of photos, then mention that to the photographer. Review approximately 50 photos on one wedding. This will give you an idea of how they operated through the entire event. Anyone can produce a few memorable photographs, but how do they handle the entire day.

What kind of personality do they have? You will be spending a lot of time with this person in a variety of settings. Are you comfortable with them? Your photographer will be in contact with everyone you know. They will need to be motivated to get photos of all of the most important moments. Are they fast? Organized? Do they seem polite? Do they care about their wedding work? Do they appear professional? Can they communicate appropriately with you and your guests? Are they enthusiastic? Trust what your instincts tell you about this photographer’s ability.

Above all, don’t commit to a specific photographer, until you are certain. Again, this is a big decision. Choose carefully, because this is a choice that will live on in your photos. In 20 years, when you browse through your wedding album, these photos should prompt happy emotions and sweet memories.

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